Interview Experience - Microsoft

Oct-Nov 2021 Position : Software Engineer 2 Total Experience : 4 years Number of rounds : 5 (including Online Assessment Round)

Round 1

It was an online assessment round on Codility platform.

Number of question : 3

Time Allotted : 90 minutes

Level : Leetcode EM

Round 2 and Round 3

DSA round

Number of questions : 2-3 in each round

Keep your calm, and be ready for the follow -up questions based on time complexity, space complexity and optimization the basis of both.

Round 4

Discussion around projects (15 minutes)

HLD of a famous system design question (can't disclose the question due to NDA)

Solution to system design questions are assumed to be like a tree, there is no wrong answer, just better ways to do based on Scaling, Consistency and Availability constraint.

Round 5 (AA round)

Expect this round with a very senior person (may be 15+ years of experience).

There is no fixed pattern for this round, it can be behavioral + system design or DSA round.

I was asked about my projects and its architecture and then a system design question followed up by a medium level tree question.

Avoid silent minutes, since they add to the negative points, even if you are thinking, think aloud, let the interviewer know your thought process.

Since, my interviews were scheduled around Diwali holidays, so it took some time for the final results, but all together Microsoft HR are very supportive to make the whole process smooth.

Offer Roll-out and Background verification

My interviews went well and I was offered the role of Software Engineer 2 (L61). Initially, the location was Hyderabad, but eventually it was changed to Noida location.

The Background verification part is very extensive and might take some time.

Tip : Give POC details from your previous employer to speed up the BGV process. Avoid mistakes in the document.

All the very best to the readers!

One thing, it might not seem easy to crack but it is not impossible.

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