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Anurag Khanna
Mar 03, 2022
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Total Experience : 3+ years Number of rounds : 5 (including Online Assessment Round) Round 1 It was an online assessment round on Codility platform. Number of question : 2 Time Allotted : 120 minutes Level : Leetcode Medium There are hidden testcases which need to pass as well. So try to think of edge cases before submitting your final solution. Round 2 PSA round Number of questions : 2 First was Array Based and Second was N-ary Tree Try to think out Loud and discuss it with your interviewer. They will try to correct you/give you hint in most cases. Round 3 HLD round Had a great discussion with Interviewer on this, as we discussed on Requirements, Designing , Storage , Possible BottleNecks, etc. Round 4 Discussion around projects (15 minutes) HLD Concepts + LLD Question(Approach) + PS Question(Based on Array) Very Helpful Interviewer again. Round 5 Expect this round with a very senior person (may be 15+ years of experience). There is no fixed pattern for this round, it can be behavioral + system design or DSA round. I was asked about my projects and its architecture and he discussed about Team charter, Tech-stack and Projects. My gratitude to Microsoft HR who had been involved from screening till my Joining. They had been very supportive throughout. Offer Roll-out and Background verification My interviews went well and I was offered the role of Software Engineer 2 (L61). The location is Bangalore. The Background verification part is very extensive and might take some time (2-3 weeks). Tip : Give POC details from your previous employer to speed up the BGV process. Avoid mistakes in the document. All the very best to the readers! Don't get demotivated from your Rejections. Try to learn from them. So that you can give best in next Round/Interview.
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Anurag Khanna

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